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Web Forum

Web Forum

Even though social media has been on the rise for the past decade, Web Forums managed to keep their place as a great way of building online communities and as a way of bringing people with similar interests together.

Having an online Forum along-side with your Web Site is a very convenient way to discuss topics with potential clients, get feedback on new ideas and hearing what others have to say regarding specific topics in general.


Some of the options our Web Forums have: 

  • User groups with specific levels of access regulated by the forum Administrator;
  • User groups with levels of access defined by how active they are in the Forum;
  • Option to ‘fallow’ users as friends;
  • Calendar;
  • Questionnaires;
  • Допълнителни нформационни полета в профилите;
  • User rating;
  • Personal messaging;
  • Payed subscriptions;
  • Icons customization;
  • Advertisement banner system;
  • Option to mark best answer in a topic;
  • Administrator reports (very useful for big Forums);
  • Alert system (Allows administrators and moderator to send alerts to the users)
  • Advanced Forum statistics;
  • GDPR system for geolocation for users from the European Union.

Making your idea in to a reality in 3 simple steps:

1. Planing and discussing goals:
- Getting to know your business and and what you have in mind for your Web Forum..
- Sting goals and the way to achieve them.
-Setting budget and a dead line for project completion.

2. Creation of a mock-up version of your website
-Choosing the right platform for your Web Forum.
- Creating the design and user interface from scratch or using a pre made graphic design.
- Creating a fully functional mock-up version of your Web Forum.

3. Making your Web Forum operational
- Choosing the best hosting solution for your website.
-installing your website on the chosen web-host or server.
- You have your fully operational Web Forum and we have the readiness to provide any technical support needed..

1. СЕО optimized code up to HTML 5 standards.

2. Fully optimized design up to CSS3 standards for a fast and snappy website.

3. Responsive web design for Mobile devices and Notebooks.


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