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Business website

Business website

As we all know nowadays it's essential for a successful business to have a strong online presence.

Weather you are running a small family business,have been in the game for years and are looking to expand your reach, or just staring out, having a professional website that portrays and projects your ideas and goals to the world is always a smart move.

We spare no effort in providing you with your dream website. The possibilities are endless and can be adjusted depending on your budget and specific requirements.

Some of the features our website have and use:

  • Responsive design;
  • QA tested user interface;
  • Multi language functionality;
  • Possibility for presenting you business in unlimited web pages;
  • Cataloguing unlimited products and/or services;
  • Unlimited amount for registered user groups with specified access;
  • Different levels for access to products, services and general content;
  • Unlimited contact forms that go to different departments;
  • Integrated system for notifications via Email and/or Sms for registered users.
  • Live chat integration;
  • Micro Data for site content (for SEO optimization);
  • XML google site map of your webpages with categories and products (for SEO optimization);
  • Canonical URL (for SEO optimization);
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with geolocation for visitors and users from the EU;

 Making your idea in to a reality in 3 simple steps.:

1. Planing and discussing goals:
 - Getting to know your business and and what you have in mind for your website.
 - Sting goals and the way to achieve them.
 - Stting budget and a dead line for project completion.

2. Creation of a mock-up version of your website
 - Choosing the right platform for your website.
 - Creating the design and user interface from scratch or using a pre-made graphic design.
 - Creating a fully functional mock-up version of your web site.

3. Making your website operational.
 - Choosing the best hosting solution for your website.
 - installing your website on the chosen web-host or server.
 - ou have your fully operational website and we have the readiness to provide any technical support needed..

Quality standards we guarantee:

1. СЕО optimized code up to HTML 5 standards..

2. Fully optimized disign up to CSS3 standarts for a fast and snappy website.

3. Responsive web design for Phone, Tablet and Notebooks viewing


We are confident we can provide you with top-notch service and outstanding website. Let's talk 

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