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Изработка на уеб приложения за Вас и Вашия бизнес

Уеб сайтове | Уеб магазини | Уеб форуми | Блогове и лични уеб страници | Поддръжка, ремонт и обновяване за вашите уеб приложения

What we doMeet the mein steps to success

Three initial steps to go from your idea to a fully working and responsive web site:

1 Planing and getting an understanding of your business.

One of the most important things for a successful web site, weather it'll be an online shop or a business web page, is getting the idea and the goals of our clients and implying them in the best manner. 15+ years of experience has made us perfect this crucial step of communication between us and our clients. Now it's time to make your idea real.

2 Creating a mock up version of your webpage.

Here we do our magic and go from your idea to a working mock-up version of your website. During this step we will actively discuss the look and functionality of the website with you. We strongly believe in order to reach perfection, communication is key.

3 Getting your website out there and ready to compete with the best.

Now that you have your dream website it's time to show it to the world. To do so we will find the best hosting solution for your needs, getting it to an operational state. Off course we understand that it's not only a matter of providing you with your web site, of equal importance is frequent revisions and technical support from our side in order to insure 100% satisfaction from you, the client!

TeamGet to know our team. We build functional and modern websites

Михаил Михов

Mihail Mihov

WEB developer
Калоян Михов

Kaloyan Mihov

Creative Director
Мирослава Александрова

Miroslava Alecsandrova

Graphic designer

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